Thanks to everyone who made it out to Ultra Pop! last Friday and thanks to Ultra Paul for the venue. Come December 4th, he’s going to take it all down and ceremoniously chuck it into the Ohio river so giddy up and see it if you didn’t get a chance yet. Here are some photos from opening night.

Jesus Tested, Liam Approved

BLOG_Banner_LiamJim Hoosier (“Liam” from The Big Lebowski) stopped by my set-up at the last Los Angeles Downtown Art Walk to inspect my “Dios Mio” art print. We were able to snap this photo just before some purple jump-suited creep accosted my both shouting something about a day of rest and what he was going to do to me on Wednesday. Luckily a bag of bird seed fell from his pants and he ran off in humiliation.

Who’s a good boy?

So the day is finally here. My art show VECTORLAND opens tonight and I don’t know what to say about it that I haven’t already said. My brain is caught in a fog of tryptophan and Claratin-D™ and I want to spend my last day in Louisville driving around and pointing out what’s changed and not sitting here hunched over a laptop in Highland coffee*. But I’ve got to keep the updates coming so please enjoy this photo of me and my dog Ringo until I think of something better to post.

* mmmmmmmmmmm

Nothing says Happy Holidays like Brains!


This holiday season, let your loved ones know how much you care by giving the gift of the undead. “Merry Brains!” greeting cards are now available in the shop.

New Lebowski Screen Prints are in!


Now that I’ve found a place to get screen prints again, I’ve got the first 18” x  24” print of my VECTORLAND series available for sale. Thanks to Two Rabbits studios somewhere in a warehouse in downtown Los Angeles for knocking them out. We only printed 40 of them and, as of this post, there are 29 left. Please, inspect them.

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